» Oh, you want a nerdy t-shirt? Sorry, those are for guys only. You can try S but it’s still going to hang off your sholders like a potatoe bag. If you want a fitted nerdy shirt, here is our fine selection of sucky girl prints on pink shirts. What do you mean, you don’t want it in pink? It’s a girly shirt so obviously it has to be pink.


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Oh cool a manga that Stan Lee helped with


Lets see what its like….


Stan why

Oh, god, Stan…

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Cursey by DuskChant

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» Dear Naruto fandom, Kaguya got caught off guard by the Reverse Harem no Jutsu because she expected a hostile jutsu and not this bullshit.

It did not “work” on her, okay?

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I should go

I should go

Gonna kick Reaper behind

I should go

I should go

Gonna save all of mankind

Here I stand

At the gates of hell

Let the war rage on

'tis my favorite store on the Citadel

I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite Frozen parody on tumblr.

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#logan plz

Petition for Logan to be in an Old Spice commercial!

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Is it wrong that I aspire to this?

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Okay, so after watching it a couple of times I came to the conclusion: I don’t like it.

I do not expect a sequel/remake to look exactly like the original. And hell knows, the Sailor Moon anime needed an update. But I’m really, REALLY skeptical about this one.

I see an improvement or two in terms of animation. But the character art looks like every other anime of 2000 onward. Look at their eyes! I don’t see any life in them at all. I can’t even pinpoint what exactly they did to achieve this. And I want to punch that expression out of Sailor Moon’s face so she finally closes her mouth…

Don’t even get me started on the body proportions (which are even more ridiculous than in the original series! I didn’t even know that’s possible.) the hair-face ratio or the shape of the faces. Hell, I’m half expecting Sailor Moon to whip up a duel disk any second.

Now, in some aspects this may or may not be closer to the manga than the original animation but, personally, I prefer the look of the anime over the manga. That’s just me, though.

Well, nostalgia googles, I guess. I’ll probably end up watching it, anyway. Still: The eyes are dead. *sobs*

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This makes me inexplicably happy…

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98% of this image is pure badass

Then there’s Armstrong’s little hair loop.

Are you suggesting the Hair Loop, which has been passed down by the Armstrong family for generations, which has survived countless battles and remained perfectly coiffed, is not a testament to the ELEGANCE and STRENGTH of the Armstrong legacy?!

"This image is 250% badass. 150% of which is Armstrong’s hair loop."

There! Fixed it.

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Excentrique - Skirts [x]

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I love how Hans is all subtle and Anna just CRASHES into him.

Does Anna even know how strong she is? I mean, she hit a wolf away with a lute. She just batted it away like it was nothing. And then she punches Hans flying off a boat. He archesArches.AND LET’S NOT FORGET SHE JUST ACCIDENTALLY THROWS A BUST FAR AWAY LIKE IT’S NOTHING. HOW STRONG IS THIS GIRL?

People also forget that she pulled kristoff up a cliff and pulled a tree down to hit marshmallow in the face… this girl

Anna born with superstrength and her while life her parents just told her she was clumsy and ordinary.  They didn’t want to deal with another weird superpowered daughter.

Headcanon accepted! Anna has super strength and Elsa has Ice Powers. They’d make a great crime fighti- wait…haven’t we seen that before?


Strength? Ice? SIBLINGS? Guys, you’re missing a thing:



Do you wanna throw the Mjolniiiiir? Or cross the Bifrost to Midgaaard?


This whole thread ^_^

Holy shit!

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"What a bunch of a-holes."

10/10 will watch that fucking movie.

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click here for more sweet inspiration

Am I the only one who thinks the crust looks like a bunch of chopped off penises?

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Dreaming 6 o’clock.

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